Civil Rights Video:

Civil Rights Learning Activity:

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights:


The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund:



Civil Rights Learning Activity:

Equality Videos (9 on this page):

Malcolm X:

African American World, Race and Society:

MLK “I Have a Dream” Speech:, Civil Rights Movement Page:

National Civil Rights Museum:

Historic Places of Civil Rights Movement:

Civil Rights Timeline:

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute:

Videos on various Civil Rights topics (over 20 videos on page):

Civil Rights Movement Quizlet:

Civil Rights Twitter pages:

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow:

Jim Crow Laws Page:

Jim Crow Video:

Washington and Du Bois page:

Brown v. Board of Education Video:

Rosa Parks Mini Bio:

Sit-in Video:

SNCC page:

Bloody Sunday Video:

Voting Rights Act page:

ACLU Affirmative Action:

Images (Graphs, Charts, Pictures): Civil War Amendments Image:

Jim Crow Images: restrooms.jpg

De jure v. De facto Image:

Washington vs. Du Bois Image:

Black Power Image:

Non-Violence vs. Black Power Prezi:

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